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URL Targeting

Learn how to target your website surveys via URL paths

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Displaying your survey only on select pages will ensure you are targeting the right visitors at the right time.

You can select which pages of your site you'd like to show the survey on by entering matching URL paths. You can enter an exact path to match or choose from the drop-down menu to match part of the URL that starts with, ends with, or contains specific words.


The first and most common option for URL targeting is an exact path match, you can choose to specify anything after

For example, entering a simple forward slash / for your homepage, or /checkout/cart for your shopping cart page.

Starts with

Starts with will match multiple pages that start with the same thing, for example, if all of your product pages start with you can simply enter /products to match them all.

Ends with

Similar to the above, Ends with will match the end of a URL. For example, add /settings for cases like


Contains is a very powerful option, it matches any URL that contains a specific term. Unlike Matches, Starts with, or Ends with, Contains matches against the entire URL including the host name and query perameters. This is particularly great for product or campaign ID's like utm_campaign=Summer+Newsletter


Similar to Contains, Pattern matches against the entire URL (host name, page, query parameters) using a regular expression.

e.g. to match all url paths that start with a number: .*\/[0-9]+ 

Preventing certain URLs

If there are certain URLs you would like to prevent from showing a survey, you can select the "Prevent showing on certain pages" checkbox and enter the URLs using the same matching options above.

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