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Survey Eligibility And Frequency
Survey Eligibility And Frequency

All you need to know about how often someone will see a survey

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For the best user experience, it's important that your users aren't getting over-surveyed. We've built in several controls to help determine who will see a survey and how often.

When will someone see one of our surveys?

A visitor or user will only see one of your surveys if they match all of the targeting criteria set out in the Targeting section of the survey builder.

Once the survey is displayed, they will not see it again, unless the survey is configured to allow visitors to fill out the survey multiple times in the Targeting section.

Visitors or users are limited to seeing 1 survey in a 72 hour period (this is configurable from your company settings page), that includes surveys they complete, dismiss, or surveys they ignore and do not interact with.

The only exception that allows a survey to be shown to a user who has seen another survey in the last 72 hours is by choosing 'No limit' in the targeting option 'Allow people to fill out the survey multiple times'. This options is intended for cases where you always want the user to see a survey (e.g. post-checkout survey, showing the survey when you click on a 'Feedback' button, etc).

What happens if we are running multiple surveys?

If a user matches the targeting criteria for multiple surveys at the same time (e.g. they visit a URL that 2 surveys are targeting), one of the surveys will be chosen randomly to be displayed. This ensures that all surveys are made visible to users even if other surveys are targeting the same criteria.

What happens if we choose not to show the survey to 100% of visitors or users?

You can set a percentage holdback for your survey in the Targeting section of the survey builder. If someone is chosen to not see the survey, they will never see it and we will remember that for the duration of time your survey is active.

You can also set a global percentage holdback for in-app survey and website surveys from your settings page. This allows you to select what percent of your entire user base you'd like to be eligible to see a survey. If a user is not selected at part of that global group, they will never see any surveys.

What happens if we choose not to show to first-time website visitors?

This setting for Website surveys will remember when someone visits and qualifies for a survey, but will not display the survey until they leave and return to your website for the second time.

What happens if we choose to only show the survey to visitors in certain locations?

This setting allows you to display the survey only to people in certain countries and/or US states, based on their IP address. You can choose multiple countries or states, or hide the survey from visitors in the European Union.

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