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Displaying Surveys On Mobile Devices
Displaying Surveys On Mobile Devices

Iterate is responsively designed to work well on mobile web

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Iterate is designed to work well on both desktop and mobile. We've paid extra attention to the design and interaction details for mobile devices.

You can select which devices you'd like your survey to display on within the targeting section of the survey editor. You can choose between Desktop, Mobile, or Both.


Surveys will display for visitors who are browsing on anything other than a mobile device.

The Desktop option includes tablet devices; the intention is to show the survey to visitors who have enough visible screen real estate to display a survey in one of the four corners of your website.


Selecting this option will only show a survey to someone who is browsing your site on their mobile device.

  • We recommend using a prompt when displaying a survey on mobile due to the nature of small screen devices. You can add a prompt from the Customize tab of the survey editor.

  • You may only select a top or bottom location for your survey display position, left or right side will have no consequence.

  • Our Exit intent survey type will not work on mobile as we are unable to detect when somebody's going to leave.

Both desktop and mobile

This setting will show your survey to both desktop and mobile visitors respectively.

It's worth noting that our surveys are responsively designed for all screen sizes. If a visitor is browsing on their desktop or tablet device with a narrow browser window width, our surveys will continue to work and look great. This setting is specifically for deciding which devices the survey should show on.

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