Custom User Fields

Add additional information to your survey responses

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Custom user fields allow you to add additional information about a user that’s then returned in the API and when exporting to CSV.

You can add custom fields for anything you want, including: age, gender, locale, or the user id from your own system. This makes it easy to analyze the results of your survey by segment or import the results back into your system by matching the user id.

Adding from CSV

When adding recipients for an email survey using a CSV, any columns with a header that begins with “field_” will be added as a custom user field. For example “field_Age” will be stored on the user as “Age”.

The CSV must have an “email” header, all other field are optional. Any fields other than First Name, Last Name, Email, or those beginning with field_ (all case insensitive) will be ignored.

Here’s an example recipients CSV that includes custom fields

Adding from the API

When using our ‘send’ endpoint to send a survey to someone, any parameter that begins with ‘field_’ will be associate with the user. You can find more information in our API documentation.

Viewing the data

When you export your survey results via CSV or our API the custom fields will be included.

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