Install Using Google Tag Manager

The easiest way to install Iterate on your website

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Installing Iterate on your site using Google Tag Manager is easy and takes only a minute. Once it is set up you'll be able to run surveys on any page of your site.

1. Create your account

Before you begin you'll need to create an Iterate account.

2. Copy the Javascript code

Once you're logged in, create your first survey. You can use one of our templates to get started.

Click on the "Preview and publish" tab in the top right and you'll see the Javascript code with your application ID pre-populated at the bottom. Copy the code to your clipboard.

3. Create a new tag in Google Tag Manager

  • Log in to your Google Tag Manager account and go to the domain you wish to add Iterate to

  • Click on the "New Tag" button

  • Change the name of the tag to "Iterate"

  • Click on "Tag Configuration" and select "Custom HTML"

  • Paste the code you copied from Step 2 into the box

  • Click on "Triggering" and select "All Pages"

  • Click "Save"

  • Now that you've created the tag, click "Submit" in the upper right-hand corner to publish the tag to your site.

You're all set!

Now you can finish building your survey, choose where and when it should display, and then enable it. At which point it will show up on your site for your visitors to see. Enjoy all the new insightful feedback!

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