How to use Mixpanel with Iterate

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With our Mixpanel integration you can automatically send email surveys with Iterate to specific users, that meet your targeting criteria.

First you will need to create an Iterate account, and make an email survey.

1. Create a webhook campaign in Mixpanel

2. Configure the webhook URL

Copy your unique URL from the Send tab of your Iterate survey

Paste that unique URL into your Mixpanel configure URL view

3. Define the targeting criteria

Target certain types of users based on the data you have within Mixpanel (For example: Last seen was more than 2 weeks ago)

4. Schedule your campaign

Choose wether you want the surveys to be emailed immediately (ASAP) or at a scheduled time

5. That's it! ๐Ÿ‘

Important notes

  • Do not use the "Test Webhook" feature, this will cause Mixpanel to randomly select 5 profiles from your project and send them surveys (we are working with Mixpanel to prevent this - see note at the bottom of the Mixpanel documentation also)

  • Mixpanel's documentation: Using webhooks with Mixpanel

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