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All survey text is fully customizable to aid your i18n efforts

Updated over a week ago

It is possible to send surveys in any language using Iterate. All of the question text, answer text, and interface element copy is fully customizable to match your brand tone of voice or desired language.

When creating a new survey, you may write your survey questions in your desired language and preview how they will look in the editor.

For single, multiple select, ranking and matrix questions your prompts and answer options can be written in the language of your choosing.

Other and Not applicable checkbox options are also fully customizable.

Rating scales
You'll conveniently find a Custom option in the dropdown that allows you to enter the language copy of your choosing.

NPS question
Under advanced options you'll find the ability to customize the prompt.

Interface copy
On the Customize survey tab you'll find an option to 'Customize additional survey copy', this gives you access to edit everything from Next and Done to Name and Email copy.

On top of all of that; Thank you messages, Web survey prompts, Email subject lines and intro copy are all able to customized and written in your preferred language.

This level of control gives you the ability to send an end-to-end survey via Email of Web in the language of your choosing.

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