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Duplicating, Renaming, or Deleting Your Survey
Duplicating, Renaming, or Deleting Your Survey

Learn more about our survey options including deleting responses and more...

Updated over a week ago

It's really easy to duplicate, rename, or delete a survey within Iterate. All of these options and more live within a gear menu in the top right on the survey dashboard.


The simplest of these options allows you to rename your survey to something that is more recognizable and familiar.


If you'd like to create a copy of your survey, Duplicate will create a new version of the survey with the same questions, design, and targeting options. Responses will not be carried over between surveys.

Move to project

If you are using Projects to organize your surveys this will allow you to move a survey between projects.  To create a new project, you can do that on the All surveys view by clicking the All surveys dropdown at the top.

Easily convert surveys between embedded website surveys and email / link surveys. For example, if you created a website survey that you also want to send via email, duplicating it and changing the type of the new survey would be an easy way to do that.

Delete all responses

This option will delete all of the responses to your survey, great for removing any test data before you have launched your survey. This is a destructive action and not reversible.

Delete survey

This option will delete your survey, all settings and responses will also be deleted. This is a destructive action and not reversible.

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