In-App Survey Examples

Ideas and inspiration for your mobile app surveys

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Iterate surveys put you directly in touch with your app users to learn how you can change for the better—from your product to your app experience. Run surveys that are highly targeted, user-friendly, and on-brand. You’ll understand not just what your visitors are doing, but why.

How In-App Surveys Work

Surveys are shown in response to events with your app. An event can be anything from viewing a screen, clicking a button, or any other user action that happens. These events are added by your engineering team during the SDK installation process.

Examples of In-App Surveys

Some quick examples of the types of surveys you could run within your mobile app.

View Based Surveys

Get feedback on specific screens of your app, for example when someone visits the Profile tab of the app for the first time in 3 weeks, or when someone has spent more than 60 seconds on their activity feed view.

Post Checkout/Purchase Survey

After a user has gone through any critical action flow such as post-checkout, post-order, or post-ride ask for feedback or issues encountered.

Recurring NPS / CSAT Survey

Run recurring NPS or customer satisfaction surveys within your mobile app to users when they open the app every 90 days for example.

Effort Score Survey

Once a user has completed a critical flow find out how much effort was required to complete that flow, or ask for feedback along the way.

Feedback Button

Build a general purpose feedback button to capture feature requests, bug reports, or support requests.

Research Recruitment

Ask highly engaged or users of a specific feature if they would be interested in talking with your team for research purposes.

A/B Testing Surveys

Run feedback surveys for users who are inside of experiments by displaying specific surveys to users depending on which variant they are seeing, allowing you to analyze the qualitative feedback alongside your experiment data.

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