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Installing the Iterate React Native SDK
Installing the Iterate React Native SDK

Instructions for installing Iterate within your React Native mobile product

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Installing Iterate's React Native SDK is very straightforward using Yarn or NPM, with only a couple of simple dependencies you'll be up and running in your iOS or Android app in no time.

How it works

Within your app, surveys are shown in response to events. An event can be anything from viewing a screen, clicking a button, or any other user action. You use the Iterate SDK to send events to Iterate, then from your Iterate dashboard you create surveys that target those events.

Quickstart guide

  1. Within your Iterate account, create a new survey and select "Install in your mobile app".

  2. Go to the "Preview & Publish" tab and copy your SDK API key.

  3. Wrap your App in the withIterate higher-order component

  4. Implement events

  5. Within your Iterate survey target it to that event

  6. Publish your survey and you're done πŸŽ‰


When implementing Iterate for the first time, we encourage you to implement events for all of your core use cases which you may want to target surveys to in the future. e.g. signup, purchased, viewed X screen, tapped notification, etc. This way you can easily launch new surveys targeting these events without needing to instrument a new event each time.


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