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Dynamic Text

Insert dynamic text based on user data into your surveys

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Dynamic text allows you to show the value of a user or response property in various parts of your survey.

For example, if you have a discount code, which is unique to each user, that you'd like to display on the thank you page of your link survey. To do this you'd first create a response property in the url like:

Then in the thank you page simply include a mustache template {{discount_code}} anywhere in the text and it will be populated with the value 'example-code-123'

Then the user will see the value when filling out the survey


You can use any user or response property, just make sure there are no spaces between the double braces and your variable name: {{your_property}}

Any time you’re using a variable, it’s good to specify a fallback in case you don't always have the user or response property populated. Here’s how to do it: {{discount_code|None}}. Just include a | between the property name and the value you'd like to use as the fallback (again, no spaces).

Supported Features

Dynamic text is supported in the following places:

  • Question prompt

  • Thank you message

  • Email subject line

  • Email body message

  • Branching redirect url

Filtering Results

When using dynamic text as part of a question prompt, you'll likely want to filter the results by the user or response property as well.

For example, if you asked the user how their experience was with various products you offer, you might want to ask:

"How likely are you to recommend {{product_type}} to a friend?"

Then in your dashboard, you can use the user or event filters to see responses for just that feature.

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