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Best practices for embedded email surveys
Best practices for embedded email surveys

Learn how to maximize engagement of your embedded email surveys

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These are some recommendations and best practices to consider when embedding an Iterate survey into your email service provider, or tools such as Braze or Iterable.

Write an enticing and engaging first question

An interesting, enticing, and engaging first question is going to help draw attention and increase the likelihood that a respondent will click through to your survey.

We recommend making the first question a single select, rating, NPS, CSAT, or emoji type question which will display the full question with tappable response buttons when embedded into your email.

Keep your surveys a reasonable length

Surveys that are shorter in length will help maximize response and completion rates, we recommend surveys that are 3-10 questions in length.

All Iterate surveys show a single question at a time and indicate length and progress at the top helping to guide participants along.

Choose an appropriate position within your email

Where you choose to drop the Iterate HTML embed code within your email campaign will dramatically affect the performance and engagement of your survey.

Find a natural position within your email body to include your survey question, noting that this will (hopefully) capture the recipients' attention and take them to your survey.

Confirm your merge tags and any additional attributes are include

The Iterate HTML embed code is crafted for each unique platform, be it Braze, Iterable, or many of the other email service provider options.

Choose the platform that you are using and confirm that the correct merge tags are being used, otherwise, responses may show up anonymously and not be associated with your recipient's email addresses. Test, test, and test again.

Customize to your heart's desire

At the end of the day, the Iterate embed code is just HTML, CSS, and hyperlinks. If you and your team wanted to even further customize the design or layout you can do so.

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