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Custom fonts in the Iterate for React Native SDK
Custom fonts in the Iterate for React Native SDK
Updated over a week ago

Custom fonts that are available in your app bundle can be used in the Iterate survey view by passing both the filenames (from your assets/fonts folder) and the fonts' postscript names to the Iterate.shared.configure method, like this:

Iterate.init({ apiKey: apiKey, safeArea: useSafeAreaInsets, storage: SecureStorage, buttonFont: { filename: 'WorkSans-Regular.ttf', postscriptName: 'WorkSans-Regular', }, surveyTextFont: { filename: 'Merriweather-Regular.ttf', postscriptName: 'Merriweather-Regular', }, });

The font specified in the buttonFont parameter will be used in all survey interface buttons (question responses, previous / next buttons, etc). The font specified in surveyTextFont will be used for all other survey text (question prompts, explanatory copy, etc).

True Type fonts and Open Type Fonts are supported.

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