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Google Workspace SSO
Google Workspace SSO

Detailed steps to configure Google Workspace as your SSO provider in Iterate

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To set Google Workspace as your SSO provider, follow these steps.

Start by creating new OAuth credentials within your Google API account.

Create Credentials

  1. Log in to your Google API Console:

  2. Create or select a project

  3. Go to Menu > APIs & Services > Credentials

  4. Select 'Create Credentials' and choose 'OAuth client ID'

  5. Select 'Web application as the Application type

  6. Enter 'Iterate' as the Name

  7. Select Add URI in the Authorized JavaScript origins and enter:

  8. Select Add URI in the Authorized redirect URIs and enter:

  9. Click 'Create'

  10. Copy the Client ID and Client secret from the following modal

Configure in Iterate

  1. Login to your Iterate account and go to your company settings page

  2. Select Google as your SSO provider

  3. Enter the Client ID and Secret from the credentials you created above

You're all set, you can now connect your own account to Google for SSO. On the settings page you'll now see a 'Connect to Google' button.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with support via on-site chat.

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