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Managing survey access and permissions
Managing survey access and permissions

Create user groups and set project-level permissions to manage who can view and edit your surveys

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Setting project permissions in Iterate helps to organize your surveys, prevent accidental changes, and control access to survey response data. This guide walks you through the key features of our permissions system and how to use them to tailor permissions to your needs.

To invite new team members to Iterate and manage their permissions, visit the Settings page, scroll down to the Users section, and click Manage Users.


User groups are the foundation of Iterate's permissions system. Each company can create and manage a list of user groups. Every user on your team can belong to one or more of these groups. Then, access to view and/or edit each project and its surveys can be assigned to one or more groups.

The Administrator group

Every company has a default group called Administrator. Users in the Administrator group have full control over the platform — they can view and edit surveys in any project, add and remove users and manage their permissions, and change company-level settings. Membership in this group takes precedence over any other project-level permissions.

Project Permissions

Permissions in Iterate are managed at the project level. Projects can be created by hovering over the menu labeled All surveys in the top level of the Iterate dashboard. When creating a project, you can assign groups the ability to view and edit surveys in it.

You can also manage permissions for all of your projects on the User Permissions page accessible via the Settings page:

Adding and removing groups

Each project has a separate list of groups that are allowed to view a read-only version of surveys in that project, and groups that are allowed to edit those surveys. Click Specify groups to select groups for each permission level.

Default permissions

There is a default setting that applies to projects where explicit permissions haven't been configured, which can be set to make projects viewable, editable, or not viewable (hidden) by default.

Inviting Users and Editing Groups

Any user can invite new users to Iterate. When inviting a user, their permission group assignments will default to the same ones the inviting user has. These can be edited, but only from a subset of the groups the inviting user belongs to. Users in the Administrator group can assign users to any other groups.

Note: all users have access to both invite new users to Iterate, and to create new projects, but can only assign groups to them that the inviting user is already assigned to.

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