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How to Link Out to an External URL from a Survey
How to Link Out to an External URL from a Survey
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Creating links to external websites within a survey is a valuable feature for directing respondents to additional resources, deep links, or other relevant sites. This guide outlines two main methods for integrating external links into your survey: through text links using Markdown and by linking out from a branch.

1. Text Link using Markdown

Markdown is a simple markup language used to format text. It's supported in various sections of a survey, including questions, prompts, and thank you messages. Here’s how to create a link using it:

  1. Identify the Text and URL: Decide on the text you want to display as a link and the URL you want to link to.

  2. Format Your Link: Use the Markdown format to create your link. The format is [Link Text](URL). For example, [Google]( will create a link with the text "Google" that leads to the website.

  3. Insert the Link: Place this Markdown link in your survey's question, prompt, or thank you message where you want it to appear.


In a survey question: "For more information, visit Our Website."

2. Link Out from a Branch

Linking out from a branch is particularly useful for creating a dynamic survey flow, where a respondent’s answer can lead them directly to an external website.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Set Up a Branch: Create a branch in your survey that will be triggered by a specific response.

  2. Choose Target Action: In the branch settings, select the action “Redirect to URL”.

  3. Enter the URL: Provide the URL of the external website to which respondents should be redirected.

  4. Configure Triggering Response: Make sure the branch is set to trigger based on the respondent's specific answer that aligns with the redirection intent.


In a survey, a branch might be set up so that if a respondent answers “Yes” to “Would you like to learn more about our services?”, the survey will automatically redirect them to a specific webpage.

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