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Slack Integration
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Our Slack integration allows you to streamline your survey response management by automatically sending survey responses directly into designated Slack channels. This ensures that your team can stay updated in real-time and collaborate efficiently based on the feedback received. This article will guide you through the setup process and show you how to customize the integration to fit your needs.

Setting Up the Slack Integration

To have all responses to all surveys sent to the same Slack channel, go to your company settings page and select the Slack integration.

Alternatively, you can have specific surveys sent responses to a channel by selecting that survey and choosing Slack from the Integrations drop-down.

Slack Notifications

Each user's responses to a survey will be grouped together and sent as a Slack notification. There's a 15 minute delay between a user responding to the survey and the notification being sent, this allows the user to fill out the entire survey before the responses are sent.

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