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Creating an Email or Link Survey

Learn about the steps to create an email or link survey

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Creating an email survey on your website with Iterate is easy and takes only a few minutes to set up. Follow along on this simple and quick walk-through of creating your first email survey.

1. Log in or Create an account

Before you begin you'll need to create an Iterate account and log in.

2. Create your survey

Once logged in you will arrive on the dashboard, here you can create your first survey by clicking on the Build a survey from scratch button, or by choosing one of our templates to get started.

You will be prompted to select which type of survey it is you are creating. In this instance, we want to select the Send via email or link option and click Create a new survey.

3. Add questions to your survey

Now that we have created a survey, we need to add all of the questions you would like the answers to. We do that on the Build survey tab.

Start by writing out the first question you have in mind for this survey, select the type of question it is you are asking (freeform, single select, ranking, etc.), add any additional options or advanced settings and click Save.

You can add multiple questions (including by branching previous questions), edit your questions, or delete any you no longer need all from the Build survey tab.

Note that the first question of your survey will be rendered directly into the email. If you choose a single select, rating, NPS, or emoji question your email will include buttons in the email for the recipient to answer, then they'll be taken to their browser to fill out the rest of the survey.

You can preview what your email will look like by selecting the "email icon" from the top right of the build tab to toggle your preview mode.

4. Customize your survey

We highly recommend you customize your survey, this is a core feature and differentiator of Iterate. A survey that looks, feels and sounds like your brand is going to receive a significantly higher response rate.

Upload your logo and select a color that complements your existing brand. You can optionally include a title for the survey, or leave it blank.

5. Sending your survey

Arguably the most important step in setting up your email survey is sending it.

We have several options for sending an Email or Link survey:

Sharing your survey with a link is a great way to distribute your survey into an existing email campaign you already have or over social media. Simply copy the short url and optionally customize the metadata.

5.2 Create your email

Selecting 'create your email' will allow customize what your email looks like, who will receive it and when it will be sent.

Start by customizing your email to include your name, your email address, your desired subject line and optionally any 'intro' text which will appear above the first question.

Click on 'Manage Recipients' to either upload a CSV including email addresses you'd like to send to or manually enter their emails in the form.

You can also include additional information about your recipients (like their user id, or any other user data) which will be included with their responses.

Send a test
Now that you've customized your email and decided who will receive it you can send yourself a test email to verify everything looks exactly how you want it to.

Send your email
Once you've sent yourself a test it's time to send your surveys. You can choose to send it immediately by selecting 'Send to recipients' or you can schedule it for a future time by choosing 'Schedule for later' and entering what time you'd like it to be sent.

7. That's it!

Once you've sent your survey responses will start showing up on your dashboard in the View feedback tab.

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