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Embed Your Survey Into Your Own Emails
Embed Your Survey Into Your Own Emails

Integrate our 1-click surveys into your own emails letting you collect feedback using your existing email campaigns

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There are two ways to send an Iterate survey via email. The first is by having Iterate send an email that you configure and the second is by embedding your survey into an email that you send.

This article describes to details of embedding your survey into an email that you send. This is a great option if you would like to include a survey in an email that you are already sending like a newsletter or post-purchase email.

1. Create your survey

Begin by creating an 'email or link survey' and adding your questions. We recommend making the first question a single select, rating, NPS, CSAT, or emoji type which will display the full question with tappable response buttons when embedded into your email. (example below)

Other question types will display a button linking them to the survey. (example below)

2. Configure Embed Code

Once you've created your survey, go to the 'Send Survey' tab, select 'Integrations', then select 'Configure Email Embed'.

You'll then be asked which email provider you'll be using to send the email. This selection will be used to configure the embed code to associate the user's email address with their responses. Choose your provider from the list and if your provider isn't listed select the 'other' option.

Technical Details:

The mechanism used to associate a user's email with their responses is by including a special property (unique to each email provider but often called merge tags, personalization fields, or substitution strings) in the response buttons for your question. For example if you're using Mailchimp each button will include user_email=*|EMAIL|* which Mailchimp will then replace *|EMAIL|* with the actual email address of the person you're sending to (e.g. it will become [email protected] when the email is sent). Iterate will then save the 'user_email' property and display it alongside the responses to your survey in the Iterate dashboard.

If you select 'other' you will given the option to include your own merge tag that you can use to replace with your email address.

3. Copy Embed Code

After configuring you'll be shown the full embed code. Copy it to your clipboard, then paste it into your email template, and you're all set!

Be sure to send yourself a test email to ensure the email address of the person being sent to is included with their responses.

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