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Iterate Web (Actions) Destination Integration Guide

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Our Segment Integration allows you to send your Segment events into Iterate and target Website surveys based on those events.

Setting Up Iterate Web (Actions)

Follow these steps to integrate Iterate with your Segment account:

  1. Open the Segment web app and navigate to Connections > Catalog > Destinations.

  2. Select Destination Actions from the left sidebar.

  3. Find Iterate Web (Actions) using the search feature.

  4. Choose Configure Iterate Web (Actions).

  5. Connect Iterate Web (Actions) with an existing Source.

  6. Input your Embed API Key (see below).

Crafting and Customizing Your Iterate Survey

Once you've set up Iterate web (Actions), you can create and fine-tune your survey:

  1. Log into Iterate.

  2. Initiate a new website survey. For guidance, visit creating a website survey.

  3. Add and customize questions.

  4. Set up event targeting:

    • Under targeting options, choose In response to an event.

    • Specify the event names that will trigger the survey.

  5. Finalize your targeting settings.

  6. Test your survey:

    • Use the iterate_preview parameter for a live preview.

    • Trigger the targeted events on your site to see the survey in action.

  7. Go live with your survey.

Obtaining Your Embed API Key

To retrieve your Embed API Key:

  1. Sign in to your Iterate account.

  2. Start by creating a Website survey.

  3. Proceed to the Preview and publish tab.

  4. Find your 'apiKey' within the 'Embed your survey script' section.

Linking User Data with Surveys

Integrate user data with your surveys using the Segment Identify call. This will associate the user’s responses to their profile across all surveys.

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