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Adding a Consent Statement or Terms / Privacy Notice Question
Adding a Consent Statement or Terms / Privacy Notice Question

Learn how to ask respondents for consent before they continue with your survey

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There are times when it's important for you to receive consent from respondents before they continue to answers questions within your survey. This could be if you need people to accept your practices, privacy notices, terms of service, or other policies. Using logic, you can skip people who do not agree to the end of the survey.

Setting up your consent question

To require participants to agree to a consent statement

  1. On the Build survey tab, create a new Single select question

  2. Enter your consent language in the Question text field, for example: "By clicking 'I agree' you consent to our Policy Name and are willing to answer the following questions." Tip: You can use Markdown to link out to any page.

  3. Enter two Answer options, for example: "I agree" and "I disagree"

  4. Open Advanced Options and enable Required question

  5. Save your question

  6. Hover over your question and select Add branch

  7. Select the answer that represents your No option from the dropdown and select the skip to the end option from the second dropdown

Finally, make sure your consent question is in the first position in your survey (you can click and drag to move it). Now, when someone answers this question with a positive response (Yes, I agree, etc.) they will see the proceeding questions, and if they select the negative response (No, I disagree, etc.) they will be skipped to the end of the survey.

Example images

Consent question being edited

Consent question branching logic

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