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Create Your First Survey
Create Your First Survey

Learn about different survey types, and build your first one

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The first step in building a survey is deciding how you would like to share your survey: over email, via a link, on your website, or within your mobile app.

The kind of survey you choose will depend on your use case. 

  • Email surveys are a great way to reach the most people, and our 1-click email surveys help maximize the response rate.

  • Link surveys are a flexible alternative to reach people via social media or any other platform you can share a link on.

  • Website surveys are ideal for getting responses from visitors actively using your site. They typically have a high response rate since they're already engaged and interested in your website.

  • In-App mobile surveys put you directly in touch with your app users to learn how you can change for the better—from your product to your app experience.

Once you've decided, select the guide below for detailed steps on creating your survey:

If you're not sure what kind of survey you'd like to run, you can choose email and build a sample survey to continue to learn more about Iterate.

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