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Limiting Website Surveys
Limiting Website Surveys

Limit the number of visitors who can see surveys, and how often they're eligible to see them

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Limit the number of visitors who can see surveys

By default all visitors on your website are eligible to see surveys. If they visit a page matching the targeting criteria (e.g. URL targeting) you've set for a survey, they will see it (learn more about survey eligibility).

If you wish to limit the percent of visitors eligible to see surveys you have 2 options: a company-wide limit or a per-survey limit.

Company-wide limit

You can limit the percent of visitors eligible to see surveys on your settings page:

This limit will apply to all surveys. For example, if you set a company-wide limit to 50% only 50% of all visitors will be able to see any surveys, regardless of any individual surveys settings.

Per-survey limit

You can limit specific surveys to only be visible to a percent of visitors. You'll find this option in the 'Targeting options' section of your survey. This can be used in combination with the company wide limit, for example if you set the company-wide limit to 50% and a per-survey limit to 10%, that survey is eligible to be shown to 10% of your 50% limit.

50% company-wide limit * 10% survey limit = 5% of total visitors are eligible.

Limit how frequently visitors can see surveys

By default, once a visitor has been shown a survey on your website (whether they respond to it or not), they will not be shown any other survey for 3 days (72 hours), even if they'd otherwise qualify to see a survey. This is to prevent over-surveying.

You can customize the number of days to wait before showing another survey on your settings page. This setting applies across all of your website surveys:

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